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Big River Barges is dedicated to leadership in barge transport, setting standards that others may follow, without sacrifice to quality of service, safety, or performance.


Big River Barges is located on the Hawkesbury River at Brooklyn.

The company operates 2 barges. One displacement landing craft and a highspeed crane lighter.

We find with these three barges we are able to offer our customers a viable, flexible, and cost effective service.

Our major clients include Energy Australia, N.S.W. Railways, Hornsby Shire Council, N.S.W. Rural Fire Service, and N.S.W. Sport and Recreation.

Apart from the normal barge work of building material, salvage, and vehicles (concrete trucks, furniture trucks, sullage tankers, and mobile cranes), some of the more unusual cargo includes Shetland ponies, goats, and a whale.

The company has delivered building material for all reputable building companies working on the river. Types of building materials and services excavation machinery, concrete agitators/ pump trucks, framing, siding, roofing, turfing, landscape material, and finishing off with the furniture.

During periods of drought we have delivered water to homes soley dependant on rain water. Deliveries have ranged from 5,000 litres on the smaller barges to 24,000 litres on the large barge.


The largest in the fleet. Great for large trucks and vehicles. Powerful & economical with a Max Load: 30T. Cargo Deck: 11m x 5.2m Crane Lift: fully extended at 8.4m 1420kgs.


MEDIUM BARGE - Fast & Efficient

The second barge in the fleet. Has a wide beam 12 metres long. Good for moving large quantities of cargo. Good for Rubbish Removals, Building Materials and Water Tank deliveries.

SMALL BARGE - Small but mighty

The latest Barge in the fleet. Has a trailer so can be collected and towed by road to the destination of your choice. Great cost effective solution for general deliveries and removals on water front properties.